Instrumentation: Orchestra

Composed: 2003

Commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (with support from the Canada Council’s Composer-in-Residence program)

Premiere: The Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg

Program Note:

For a time, Symphony #3 seemed to be returning to the same territory as The War of Angels. It was originally subtitled “Death and Resurrection” and was premiered on a program with that same title during the 2004 Centara Corporation New Music Festival (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra). I was hoping that my ongoing affinity for dark, quasi religious themes would click with my musical ideas for the piece, but in the end I decided that the extra-musical concept just didn’t fit. For me, this music doesn’t conjure a specific image – it’s more broadly physical. The ideas are still dramatic – combining sections of repressed intensity (lots of instrumental muting and dark blended orchestral colours) with melodies that seem free to float and sing, but in the end it’s the repeated rhythmic patterns from the last movement that connect directly to some non-verbal level – offering the listener an opportunity to surrender to more primal emotions.